Milestones in Freedom

Hello Friends,

Initially this blog was started as just a chronicle through 2012. Now that 2012 is done, I have been getting alot of questions about how my journey went from people that weren’t able to walk through it with me. What I will do on this page is provide links to the most important blogs that depicted my heart and life throughout 2012. Hopefully this page makes my blog a bit easier to navigate 🙂

Welcome to My Blog  The Introduction and beginning of my journey

1st Milestone in Freedom The first time I heard loud as day, that I’ve got EVERY RIGHT to be happy. I didn’t fully understand what that meant, nor did I believe it. But it was there, and sometimes the first step in living free from bondage is realizing WE HAVE A RIGHT TO BE FREE!

Broken, Crisis, Strength These three blogs reflect the pain I went through of realizing the truth about people I held close to me. They also reflect my realization that the major source of my bondage and oppression in my life, were certain people that I was attached to.

My Brother’s Stroke The turning point of 2012. My pain, my fear, and my decision to start praying about leaving my church.

Happier than I Deserve: This post is representative of the personal growth I went through during these months. I began to grow in my self esteem, love, personal conviction, and my ability to dream big.

2nd MILESTONE IN FREEDOM The video explains it all. Finally trusted God, and left my church.

End of Year Recap


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