The ALS Ice bucket Challenge


If you are someone who has any type of social media, then you have probably been seeing many videos about the ALS Ice bucket challenge.

Before the challenge became so popular I admit that I had no idea what ALS was. Sure, I’d heard of Lou Gerig’s disease, but it has been a while since it’s been in the spotlight and even then I still had no clue what the disease entailed.

Now, because of these short and seemingly meaningless videos, I’ve been encouraged to take notice of the disease and the effect it has on those inflicted with it.

So readers, my encouragement to you is to not grow frustrated of the videos when you see them clogging up your news feeds on Facebook. Don’t jump on the criticism bandwagon of people who shun the challenges saying “Ice Buckets won’t cure ALS”. Of course it won’t. What it will do is bring awareness to the disease, that awareness will then raise money that can help research and hopefully aid those who are suffering from the disease, and it will also encourage those people who are struggling with this barely understood disease.

Finally, in the words of Anthony Carbajal “In a few weeks your news feeds will go back to videos of kittens and covers of Let It Go”, but for now let the awareness rise!


Donate to ALS research at


What are your thoughts?

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