Orlando Life

So for about 6 months now, I’ve been dreading getting my license replaced since it’s expiration date was approaching. Mostly because I dislike the dmv, but I realized today that there were other reasons as well. I think I put off getting a new license for so long because I didn’t want I accept the fact that Orlando is my new home. But honestly, I’m starting to like this quaint, cute, country section of town that I call home. My appreciation for it definitely sinks in when I get freebies from people at the local ice cream shop when they realize my birthday recently passed. Or when I come home and absolutely love the drive on the highway where I’m surrounded on both sides by orange groves. And then finally, when I walk into my home and love everything about the super cozy feeling it projects.

So I’m not saying that Orlando is my permanent home (I still have never seen mountains before and That’s gotta happen), but I am saying I’ll appreciate and love the experience while I’m here.

Oh, and thank you Twistee Treat for the birthday gift lol!

Goodnight folks 🙂



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