How To get Over A Bad Day!

Lol… No, just kidding. This definetly won’t be anything informative on how to get over a bad day! But lord or lord, did I have a bad day today!

I definetly woke up on the wrong side of the bed his morning.
Bad date, boys getting on my nerves, not looking forward to work, heavy traffic, forgetting everything except my head. So to say my day was starting out to be a pretty horrible one is an understatement.

However, I’ve noticed a change in myself within the last few months. When I first started my internship at Walt Disney World I understood that this internship was for a limited time (6 months to be exact) so I set a goal for myself which was that I would have “No negative experiences”. In those 6 months I was determined to appreciate every moment and stay away from anything that brought me down or made me sad.

So months later, I’ve found that same mentality is what helps me overcome my bad days. Before I used to LOVE my bad days, bad moods, etc! I would wallow in them. Let something set me off and is be upset for days and would refuse I let anything bring me out of that mood. Now it’s different. I prefer to be happy.

So what did I find myself doing today without even thinking twice about it? I refused to stay in that annoyed mood! I said hello to every other cast member at Disney that I came across (after all, they might be having a bad day as well), I engaged my co-workers and leaders instead of giving everyone that “I’m pissed off don’t talk to me look.” And I got over it.

And then finally, it’s hard to work for a company that preaches about how all our wishes can come true if we only believe them, and not have some of that stuff start to sink in. So The last thing I did was admit to myself that although I was sad at the moment, and although at the moment I wanted to believe I’d be single forever, deep in my heart I knew it wasn’t true. So instead of fighting the positivity, I let it sneak in.



What are your thoughts?

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