Time to Grow Up….

So since my last post, I have moved out of the house where I worked with children in foster care, and am temporarily living in a beautiful home with a family that was kind enough to loan me a room. The stay is temporary because, as I’ve mentioned before, I’ll be moving to a new town in August. This new place is about three hours away from where I currently live and it’s the farthest that I’ve ever lived from my family. It’s a new place, new experience, new adventure, and I am soooooo ready for it!

The house that I’m living in now is kind of giving me just the mental break that I needed (kind of…I’m still finishing school). It’s giving me some really needed down town, and the more time I have to kind of sit and think about my upcoming move; the more I’m realizing that this move really is going to be the end of one phase and the beginning of another.

I can tell it’s going to be the end of all my childhood, and the true beginning of my adulthood (I know, I know…I’m 30 and this should’ve happened long ago but whatever) I find myself thinking more and more about buying a house and what I want that home to look like. Or considering serious things like do I want to have children or not. Also, I’ve been thinking about dating a lot lately. I have not dated much in the last few years. Actually, when I think about it, I haven’t dated at all since 2007, and it’s because I haven’t been open to it at all. But now, I’m really starting to consider what I want in guy, what type of relationship I’m looking for etc.

So overall, I think I am just ready to live life once again, and I’m really taking this time until August to just think about some things and prepare myself for the life ahead. I’m hopeful and optimistic about it. I feel like these first 30 years have been me living, learning, observing, and trying to figure out and understand life. Now it’s time to give my extremely over-thinking brain a rest and live, experience, and taste life.

I’m ready for it.


What are your thoughts?

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