No more waiting and seeing

Wait and See.

“To do nothing. It’s a great idea, really. Maybe if I just wait and see long enough, then I won’t have to do anything or decide anything, you know? I mean, maybe if I’m lucky enough, someone else will decide, and choose, and do things for me.” – Homer “The Cider House Rules”

Ever since I got saved…I’ve been waiting.

Waiting to arrive at the “place” in God. Waiting to know what my destiny is. Waiting to arrive at a place of complete happiness and contentedness. Waiting for my husband….just waiting. And even now, at 30, on the brink of life changes. On the brink of greatness, and endless possibility….I’m waiting. Wait and see……that’s actually been my catch phrase.

I don’t wanna make any plans because I’m waiting to see, I’m waiting to allow God to do his thing. What that actually means is that I’m afraid. I’m afraid to make plans and then something goes wrong. I’m afraid to have all the responsibility on me. I’m afraid to make a decision and be wrong. I’m afraid to be wrong. I’m afraid I’m wrong.

I thought I was being obedient and doing God a favor all of these years, but actually I was letting life have its way with me, and reacting to whatever events crossed my way. I was merely surviving instead of creating life around me. And today, is when I realized all of this. That instead of living I’ve been waiting and seeing.

Never taking chances, never taking risks, never stepping out and making decisions. It’s funny the things some people who’ve kind of been sheltered and abused have to re-learn, while others just inherently know. I can make choices.


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  1. What are you waiting for my friend? A hand written invitation? So you’re waiting for God to decide for you? It doesn’t work like that.
    It’s like that old joke about the guy on the roof of his house during a flood. A boat comes along to rescue him but he refuses because he has faith that God will save him. The water gets higher and a helicopter comes but same thing, he’s waiting for God. So he drowns and goes to heaven, he says to God “Why didn’t you save me?” God says “What do you want? I sent a boat, a helicopter…”
    I know its an ancient joke but the message is in there, grab life by the throat and squeeze because everything you need to win has already been given to you.
    Big hugs….x

    1. Lol! Thanks so much Danny for reminding me of that joke! Squeeze away I shall!

  2. vonlet24 says:

    My dad always says that God can’t steer a parked car. It’s his way of reminding me that, when I have no idea which way to go, I should choose one and see where God takes me from there. While I sort of hate admitting that he’s right, with this piece of advice, he always has been 🙂
    Good luck!

    1. So much truth in that vonlet! I’m learning more and more that I’ve only got one life. Gotta do something with it before it’s too late!

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