Accomplishing your Goals

79 days until I graduate. 99 days until I move and start my life-changing internship with Walt Disney World. I am amazed at how everything works out in its perfect timing. Amazed at how everything has reason and purpose. Amazed at how hard work and setting goals really does pay off.

This means a lot coming from a girl who’s never really accomplished anything. Coming from a misguided religious girl that thought if things were meant to be that they would just happen; theyd just fall in her lap. But I’ve learned that I have the authority to make decisions about my life. I’ve got in me the ability to work really hard and achieve levels of success I didn’t honk possible. I’ve pushed myself, past my own limits and I’m surprised. Graduating, paying off my car, finding a career and a field that I’m truly interested in…all of these are things I didn’t really think to be possible a few years ago. Now it’s a reality….and I’m kinda speechless.


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  1. You should be very proud of yourself. It’s not easy to shake off the things that have held you back all your life and say “You know what? I don’t care anymore, nothing can stop me from achieving my goals.” It takes courage, I applaud you for yours.
    Big, big, massive hugs from me to you.

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