“Not All Who Wander are Lost.”



Maybe my personal truth is that I am a wanderer. That there isn’t just one place where I fit or belong. In fact, the truth is that I probably don’t “belong” to any place, thing, or person. I am a girl who only belongs to God, and he moves me from city to city, situation to situation, as He sees fit.

The place where I belong is wherever God wants me to be. I’ve got to learn how to recognize the feelings of when my time in a place has come to an end, and I’ve gotta let them lead me to where the next stop on my journey is. There is no danger in wandering so long as your wandering is guided by the wind and breath of God. Where his wind blows you go. The danger is getting too attached to any of the stops that He has placed along your path.

As wanderers, we don’t belong to any one place on this earth. Our God is too big. His plan for us is too vast. The people he wants us to meet and impact and be impacted by are countless. And to get attached to a pit stop on our journey, to camp out along the way, is to sell ourselves short.

So I embrace the fact that I am a wanderer. I embrace the fact that at my core, there’s a little section of me that is reserved for only me and God. I embrace the fact, that in a room full of people, I belong, while at the same time, I don’t.


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  1. Mia says:

    I cannot agree more!! I had to make peace with having a chronic illness and allow our Lord to work in and through me as He sees fit. It never ceases to amaze me how we can always experience His love, joy and peace as we learn to submitt to Him and Him alone, regardless of outer circumstances.

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