What I want isn’t what I need….


Sometimes the thing we want, isn’t what we need. And it’s at those times, that it takes discipline, determination, restraint, and an eye that’s focused on doing things the right way to tell yourself “No”. It’s easy to say no to other people. It’s easy to tell children what they should and shouldn’t do; but when it comes to ourselves, it’s harder because we reeeeaaally want the thing we know we shouldn’t have. And the killer part is that you have the right and the free will to choose your want over your need, but deep inside you know that submitting to the want isn’t the right thing to do at this point in time. So focus, pull it together, and blinder your eyes!

I’ve got 4 more months in this town. Four more months in which I will graduate with my BS, turn 30,  pay off my car, and then move to a new place. Four more months to spend quality time with the family and friends that have made me who I am today. Four more months to wrap up this era of my life and begin a new journey, and a new segment of life with God. Four more months. Pull it together Krystal. Focus.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. soultivating says:

    Keep going!!! Where are you moving? Paying off your car is the BEST feeling in the world!

    1. soultivating says:

      Well…not THE best, but it one of the best!

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