New Blog Page

Hey Guys, 

Sigh….I have no words to apologize for the horrible blogger I’ve been lately. However, I would like to think that with the formation of my new page (which has been under construction for months); that I am on the path to becoming a consistent blogger once again! 

So, I decided to develop a new page entitled Milestones in Freedom! This page will help those who are new to my blog, and interested in hearing more about what I went through in 2012. It provides direct links to just a few of the most important moments and aspects of my journey to freedom through 2012. 

Reflecting is a funny thing because it helps me see where I came from vs. where I am now. And this journey is by no means a one-stop shot. It’s a process that continues today. Last year was my journey towards freedom. I had to realize mostly that I deserved it, and that it was okay to live in freedom. Now that Im here, Im figuring out what life looks like in this new place, and defeating old mindsets that try to pull me back to the old me. 

But, the new page is here! Enjoy by clicking on the hyperlink —> Milestones in Freedom


What are your thoughts?

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