The Freedom Project 2013!

Hellllloooo People,

Alright people! So 2012 is OVA! It’s done and gone, and what an amazing year this was!!!! However, in looking back I’ve realized that last year was all about me. MY process, MY journey, MY breakthroughs!

Now, in the midst of 2013 I want to do something different with this blog! I’ve realized that I enjoy inspiring, motivating, and interacting with all you wonderful people! So for 2013, my goal is to make this blog a bit more interactive! I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

I want to hear YOUR stories of victory, hardship, and how you are walking through your own processes in life. I want this blog to be a portal for motivation, encouragement, and for people following their DREAMS!!!!

BUT, I am not sure how exactly I want to go about doing that just yet lol! Maybe I will make have people write and share their stories or empowerment or inspiration once per week. Or maybe I will open the platform for people to ask questions about life, pursuing their goals, and dreams, etc.

Whatever, the plan is, I know it’s coming and coming soon. So, I’ll be spending some time in prayer and really thinking about how to move forward with this in 2013. In the meantime I invite your comments and suggestions.

If there is anything you’d like to read more of (a particular topic, more personal stories), anything you’d like to see or know then PLEASE comment and let me know whats on your heart! I seriously want to make this a bit more interactive and so we will see where this goes!

Looking forward to hearing from you guys! Please comment and share your hearts!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mia says:

    Hi Krystal
    I am glad you are following where your Pappa leads you! Yes, dear one, you should pray for guidance! I know that a blogger friend of mine has a weekly guest post where her guests write about God and suffering. If you want to check her out, she is Tanya Marlow and blogs at Thorns and Gold. She and I suffer from the same chronic illness.
    Hugs to you and I will pray for guidance as well

    1. Thank you for your wonderful suggestion Mia. I will go ahead and take a look at her blog 🙂

  2. I just want to see another video of you singing like you did before… what a voice!

    1. Lol! That video was posted to this site as a COMPLETE accident! As soon as I realized it, I uploaded the correct one! So, Im not sure if more singing will be happening but I do have something up my sleeve though, and my wordpress family will be the first to hear it.

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