From FEAR to Freedom!

Hey guys,


SO I hope that everyone enjoyed the Christmas holiday with their families, and now New Years is coming up and there’s going to be even more celebration! You know, I seriously can’t believe that it’s been almost 1 year since I started this blog. January 6, 2012 is the date to be exact. Starting this blog was the very first step I took in my walk to freedom. I was afraid I wouldn’t have anything to say, afraid the blog would be stupid, and afraid that at the end of the year there would be no “freedom” and my blog would be purposeless. But I was wrong, about sooooooo many things, and as this year comes to a close I want to say thank you to each and every person that has ever commented, read, visited, followed, liked, or even disliked my blog! You all make the journey special, and you make it worth it, and I’ve been blessed by your encouragement as I opened up my heart and shared it with the world.

So anyways, as I said, starting this blog was the first step towards conquering my fears and living a life of freedom. I felt strongly impressed in my heart to do this, and so I did it. That has been the trend of this year and I’m here to share with you all that an AMAZING world of opportunity and fulfillment is on the other side of that fear. Amazing things really do happen when you follow your heart and live in faith not fear.

I read a book called “Life Without Limits” earlier this year (well started reading, I didn’t finish it) and in it the author was saying that our God given purpose is already inside of us. We know deep down inside the things that we are good at and those things are “clues” that God gives us to help us on our journey to figure out our calling. He’s also given us permission to explore those things and see what comes from them. That belief (that the things I enjoy are clues to what God wants me to do) is what I embraced life with this year, and so many wonderful things have happened.

I’ll begin with amazing thing #1: My Blog! I’ve always been a journaler, and so starting my very first blog wasn’t far fetched for me, but it was still a very huge step in faith due to all the fears that I listed above. I took a leap of faith, started it, and now months down the line I’m writing my blog, and also writing for a self-help site helping other people come into the same freedom that I’ve come into as well.

Amazing Thing #2: Voice Lessons! So earlier this year I started taking voice lessons. Not because I have any huge plans to break into the music industry or anything, only because I love to sing, I used to sing at church, and I wanted to learn how to take better care of my voice. So signing up for voice lessons was another small, seemingly insignificant action. A few weeks ago my voice teacher says to me that she thinks she’s honestly taught me everything she can. She says she knows I write songs and that she thinks the next step for me would be probably try recording one of my songs and working with a producer she knows! Now I have no clue where this will lead, and again, I’ve got no intentions and no big plans for singing. However, the doors are opening, and I’m walking through them, trusting God each step of the way!

Amazing Thing #3: Volunteering! Some of you may know that my job did a massive lay off in June and since then I’ve been unemployed. During the time that I was unemployed I figured I would make use of the time and start volunteering at a Nature Center in the area that I LOVE! The nature center is actually part of the field that I would like to work in once I graduate, so I was overjoyed when I FINALLY completed my paperwork and was accepted to be a volunteer there. Volunteering….yet another seemingly meaningless action. So I’ve been volunteering there since September and just when my budget was getting very tight and I realized that I would HAVE to get a job soon, the program director comes to me and tells me that one of their full-time staff is leaving and she would love for me to apply for the Job!!!! Not only is this job exactly what I want to do when I graduate, it is also the exact thing I need in order to prepare my resume for an internship I’ll be applying for next year.

Final Amazing Thing: This year I took a very scary step of leaving a situation where I felt I was very much in bondage. I felt so trapped by expectations and living up to people’s opinions and so many other things that it was almost as though I couldn’t breathe (which is why the initial name of this blog was FreeToBreathe and Unashamed). The desperate cry of my heart was to live the life of freedom God called me to and so I braved my fear of people, my fear of making a mistake, my fear that I’d lose many friends, and I did the thing that I KNEW beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I needed to do. Leaving this situation was the ultimate step in moving from fear to faith, because it really had major effects on my mind and my self-worth.

So, so many doors have opened. So much has changed for me both internally and externally as well. It’s been an interesting journey full of ups, downs, hurts, and pains; and now that I’m embracing living a life of freedom I find that I’m in unfamiliar territory. It sounds crazy to say but fear and unworthiness were my safety blankets, and now that they are gone I’m in a whole new place with nothing to protect me. It’s scary, and interesting, and exciting all at the same time.

But that is all I’ll write for now…I think this is long enough. I hope you all enjoy your New Years, and I will write again soon!

Thanks for reading

Krystal 🙂


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mia says:

    Hi dear Krystal
    Oh, I love this. Our Lord Jesus said that it is for freedom that He came to set us free and I am so glad that you are walking in that freedom!
    Much love XX

  2. frankoshanko says:

    Go Krystal! You’re firing me up!!! 🙂

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