I need your HELP!

do it anyway

Stranger things have happened. 

For those of you unfamiliar with Ido Lanuel, he has an amazing and inspirational website where he shares lessons he’s learned on how to change your life. I admire his journey, and through his website he gives pointers and shares advice on how other people can change their lives, and live the life they were destined to have. And who was selected as a writer for this website……………..THIS GIRL!!!
Amazing and interesting things happen when you open yourself up to embracing life, letting fear go, and being fruitful with the talents that God has given you. I’ve got much to say on that but for this post, my purpose is to ask you for your help! I would DESPERATELY LOVE if you could take 2 seconds to visit the site and comment on my posting! Click here to visit 2baware.net
I do not consider myself a writer in any way, shape, or form. My purpose on the site is merely to share my journey to freedom and to hope that others are liberated in the process. Needless to say I have been paralyzed by fear and intimidation about writing for this site for the past few days. What if the things I’m writing are foolish? What if no one wants to read it? My writing will look horrible compared to the other more professional writers on the site! What if Mr. Lanuel hates it and I get fired? Lol…..the list goes on. And while all of those are still very real concerns in the back of my head, I’m pulling on my big girl panties and going for it, and whatever happens…..happens. 
So please take a moment to visit 2baware.net and leave a short comment on the article I wrote. Feel free to browse the site as well, as I’m sure you’ll find other things of interest. 
Love you all and thank you so much for reading…now GO OUT AND CONQUER YOUR OWN FEARS LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Have some self-belief. I’ve just been there and read your article and I thought it was great. You know you’re a star!

    1. Lol….Thank you Danny! That means a lot comin from you and thank you for commenting as well 🙂

  2. Thank you for this brief journey..we all need to be encouraged and reminded..that we can do all things through Christ Jesus…ALLLLL..just wanted to emphasize on the all..lol

    1. Lol…thank you, we can di all things THROUGH him! And thank you for commenting on the article I wrote as well 🙂

  3. I love Ido’s site. He visits my site quite regularly and he has a contagious smile. Best wishes to you. So far no fears here! Let me think on it for a few.
    Thanks much for stopping by. Keep smiling!

  4. jkfacee says:

    What an incredible opportunity! Congrats. (: Going to his site right now to read your post.

    1. Thanks so much….for commenting and for reading! It was an intimidating challenge but it definitely helped me overcome a level of my fears!

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