Be Fruitful……..


I must learn to be content with being happier than I deserve” -Jane Austen

The other day I was finishing up my vlog for this page (If you haven;t watched yet please visit my last posting for life updates) , and just thinking about the freedom I’ve been given to dream again, and I found myself fighting down guilt. GUILT?!

I mean, who do you know that would feel guilty about pursuing the dreams that are on their heart. Who do you know that would feel guilty about being happy with their life? Sigh…..this girl.

So why am I feeling guilty about being free and happy,and about exploring the talents that God has given me? I’m still trying to figure that out. I know that it’s a big issue for me because it’s been something God has been trying to pound out of me all year. Earlier this year God spoke as loudly as a resounding gong saying that I had EVERY RIGHT TO BE HAPPY. He spoke that word powerfully, loudly, and repetitively. And I guess he had to make that very clear to me because for so long I’ve been used to feeling like I have to earn and work for everything. Including love, happiness, and self-worth.

My life and my perspectives have changed recently. I’m seeing that God doesn’t make mistakes, and there is no part of me I should shut down or hide away. God has given us each talents and abilities, and it’s OKAY for us to explore those talents, and be fruitful with them. It’s what he expects.

I LOVE to sing. I used to write songs and stories ALOT when I was younger. I also enjoy acting, and I would LOVE to be good at dancing. But for years I never did anything with these talents, I never pursued the things that I am passionate about because I was afraid it was too much of me, and not enough of God.

But now, there is freedom to explore. Freedom to at least begin writing songs again and seeing what happens. Freedom to explore my passions and talents, and give God the return he’s looking for on His investment.

I’m not saying I have to be famous. I’m just saying it would be a great feeling to leave this world fulfilled. Knowing that every tool God gave me, I used it to it’s maximum potential and made him proud. That’s all I’m saying, and that’s all I want.

To make him proud.


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  1. Mia says:

    Hi Krystal
    Unfortunately I am also a member of the feeling-guilty club. My BIG issue at the moment causing me buckets of guilt, is doing a blog and enjoying it soooo….. much. I actually never knew that true love is not something earned, I always only knew one way. If you want to receive love, you need to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and PERFORM.
    Now, I take those feelings to our Lord and ask Him to root out this terrible root from my heart. Thank you, I loved this.

    1. And thank YOU Mia for reading, commenting, and sharing. It’s good to know we arent alone in the many things we go through 🙂

  2. WB says:

    There is a little overlooked element in our lives that that works as a tyrant of self-fulfillment, and this tyrant is “Resistance”; resistance will rationalize with you, both logically, and emotionally, and it will reason with you until you finally accept its’ ultimatum, which is; “Do not pursue what your intuition wants you too, do not follow what your heart tells you too, and do not attempt to chase your dreams.” This is what it does, and does it well. It comes in the shape of people, words, objects, and even nature. Do what your inner self motivates you to do, because that is your purpose, calling, and destiny. With anything comes risk, but you must be willing to lose it all, if it is all that you seek. Pain comes with love, as pleasure, comes with hurt; for we would not recognize neither without both. Excellent post.

  3. migzmarfori says:

    You go girl! Yes, that’s true, very true indeed. It’s natural to feel that way; maybe you just haven’t pursued it yet. I used to feel that way when I was a teenager (I’m turning 21 this Friday). But through an important event years ago, I finally said, “Screw this — let me be who I want to be!” Now, I don’t need to listen to someone telling me “You should do this, or do that” Well, making my blog is a start 🙂

    It takes courage to not feel guilty anymore. When you’ve finally gone through, it feels liberating. 🙂 Glad you took the chance.

    1. Thank you! It’s great that you’ve realized that at such a young age too! Now you’ve got the rest of your life to move forward and be amazing!

      1. migzmarfori says:

        🙂 You’re welcome. WE got the rest of our life to move forward and be amazing. This is going to be great

        Keep it up, and if you have the time, upload those songs. I want to hear them some time.

  4. Pamela Hodgdon says:

    Someone once told me that “God whispers, then he shouts.”

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