The more I experience life, the more I learn that I really am still a young girl figuring out who she is, where she stands, and just in gerneal….making her way through life. I am learning as I go, and I’m happy to say that I don’t know everything. It does take level of humility to go through this life, embracing experiences and things, learning from them, yet always holding my relationship with the Lord at my center as my core foundation.

Nothing has taught me this more than the election, and where I am in life right now. I am not normally a person that openly discusses politics, religion, or any hot topic that will start an argument. This isn’t because I’m a sweet and incredibly nice person that dislikes arguing lol…..it’s because I’m fearful. Fearful of not having an answer to those that disagree with my faith, fearful of not being able to accurately defend myself or my beliefs, fearful of being wrong, fearful of people not liking me for my opinion…..the list goes on.

However, things in my life are changing daily and I know that God is calling me out from being the quite, fearful girl who lives inside of herself. He’s calling me to LIVE. To be bold, and to be courageous. And that is coming in sooo many forms. Specifically, it’s coming in the form of me speaking the things that are in my heart and not allowing fear to hold me captive. So if that means speaking out on my feelings on abortion, racism, or politics, then so be it.

This is a scary place to be for me because I’m used to being crushed and falling to pieces when people hit a place inside of me that is soft. I’m used to closing myself off when I’m hurt. There’s so much that God is teaching me in this season that there’s no way I could sum it up in one thing, but I can say that he is unveiling me. He’s teaching me not to hide. He’s teaching me to speak up for myself and to trust his voice inside of me. He’s making my calling and election sure. He’s allowing me to experience the true freedom and the life that he died so I could have.

It’s an interesting place to be in, and there are so many unknowns, but I trust that he’s with me.



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  1. anewcreation says:

    Good on you! Coming out of my shell has always been a struggle for me to. I am not the argumentative type and I am certainly not pushy when it comes to my own views. I do feel, however, that thanks to time spent with the Lord in meditation and prayer over the years, a new voice has been given to me which has courage, boldness and not fear. It is a voice which came to be purely and simply to praise Him and bring him glory, and this voice makes itself heard through my blog. I am still unable to put these things across when I am face to face with people, but in his grace the Lord has opened up this door for me to be the conveyor of his Spirit, and though I often let Him down in the style and tone of my writing, and even the heart behind it, I hope that sometimes I do Him justice.

    Keep on on that journey. You will be amazed where He takes you, and always remember that what defines us as His sons as daughters amongst many traits, is the ability to be humble, often come last and be unheard or heard but ignored. Pushing our points across to the death was never what defined Jesus, so let His will for your life define YOU.

    God bless you


    1. Hey Mercedes,

      Thanks so much for reading and for sharing your own personal experience I’m glad that trough writing you are becoming unveiled as well! And I trust that it will eventually move to being open in face to face discussions 🙂 We are both on beautiful journeys with The Lord and I’m sure the end product will be marvelous!!!!!! 🙂

  2. Not what I was expecting but great anyway! Good for you!

    1. Thank you Leslie! What were you expecting if I may ask 🙂

  3. Abrielle Valencia says:

    Wow! I commend for allowing God to use you….I mean REALLY use you as a vessel to inspire others. It took me years to acknowledge that as followers of Christ, we are meant to “stand out” not “fit in”. I enjoyed reading this blog and I’m looking forward to reading more as you continue your journey, and experience everything that this side of life has to offer.

    1. Abrielle Valencia says:

      I meant to say I commend “you”. LOL

      1. Thank you so much Abrielle! it’s always a shocker, and also humbling to hear people say this blog inspires them! Its all Gods handwork! I loved your blog as well…that choir was amazing!

        1. Abrielle Valencia says:

          You’re welcome! And I thank you for reading my blog as well! So much inspiration in the air. 🙂

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