Hero Spotlight: Brittany

So… Imagine you are very young yet suffering through many health problems. No one is successful at diagnosing your condition. Doctors accuse you of faking, seeking attention, and even your family doubts you. To top it all off you are a teenager dealing with depression, and the age-old question of, “Where do I fit in?”

This is part of the story of our modern-day Hero Brittany, who was diagnosed with a rare brain disorder called Chiari Malformation. She has come through 4 brain surgeries, and I don’t care what anybody says THAT IS HEROIC! Please visit her page. Help out if you can, or at least learn about the condition so that you can spread awareness and recognize the signs should it ever happen to your friends or family. Be sure to check out her “Chiari Articles” Tab to learn more about Chiari.

Brittany’s WordPress Page : http://chiariwarrior.wordpress.com/

Brittany’s YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAGEk46cqjWu-eJLNtkdtxg?feature=results_main

Side Note:

Wow! It’s not everyday that I read up on someone’s life or story and I’m truly moved. I mean……..moved! Moved in such a way where I want to take action, I want to help them out in any way possible. Even if it means I can’t help them out in a huge phenomenal way….I want to at least play my part and do what I can.

After all, that’s really all we can do. We’re not called to have all the answers, we’re called to play our part (Doug Sauder, The One Factor). And we aren’t put on this earth for just ourselves, we’re here for others. And in my world, no one fights alone. – Krystal


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    1. Thanks for sharing my blog posting 🙂 Great writing!

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