Soooo…..Goodbye Kaplan

Sooooooo…………yesterday at work…my position was terminated!!!!!!!!!

I know, I know, normally people would not be happy about something like that but I am overjoyed!

Im overjoyed because I feel free. I didnt like the job, I was only staying because of the money, and inside of me I was warring between “Do I stay in a job I dislike and have no passion about, or do I pursue the passions deep in my heart.” And the answer is yes. I am so happy that now Im free. And being unemployed this time around is different then times before because the mindset before was…”SHOOT! I need to get a job….any job, that is gonna pay me as much as I was making before.” Before my mindset was money, and paying my bills, but through this years process Im starting to push that motive more to the side, and really hone in on the God-given talents and desires that I was born with. There’s a reason why I love the things I love, and its up to me to pursue those skills and to find out why God has given me those talents. Im so happy, and Im so free.

And most of all what I love about this is that I dont look back and regret ANY of my time spent at Kaplan. I enjoyed all the memories, the bad times and the good,and the great friendships that I’ve made. I don’t regret a thing. Im not sad, Im not remorseful. I’m hopeful and optimistic, and for the first time in my life Im ready to choose a job and career path, not based on money or how much I’ll make, but instead based on the talents, gifts, and abilities that God has placed deep in my heart.

Good times. 🙂

What I’ve learned: That things are valid for a season, but when that season changes DO NOT be afraid to change along with that season. When I first got the job at Kaplan I KNEW it was where I needed to be. And maybe that is why I have no regrets about any of my time spent there. I journeyed through Kaplan, I gave my job my all, and now Im leaving because its time. Seasons change….dont be afraid to change with them. 🙂


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  1. Rachel says:

    I can relate so well, and I feel my process is very similar, right now I earn less but I do the things I am passionate about. 🙂 It caused me to truly depend on God even more.

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