Memorial Day

My brother was in the Army….and for reasons completely unrelated to his service, he is now currently in rehab at a Veterans Hospital. And theres something about having him at the veterans rehab clinic, coupled with the fact that i recfently watch the Diary of Anne Frank and am remembering the horrors of what people went through during the Holocaust. Its something about all of that this is making extremely appreciative for the people that have fought and died for good causes all across the earth. I appreciate anyone that ever gone into battle because I know it’s something that I would never choose to do myself.

So today, as we are barbequing, enjoying family, and having a good time, please say a prayer for those that have fought and died, or those that have fought and survived but still carry heavy baggage from those days in war. Say a prayer for all those that have ever risked their lives on behalf of all of us.

Happy Memorial Day Everyone.


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  1. alexmonroy87 says:

    Great Picture.. a lot of feelings…

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