Love, Life, Crisis, and Friendships.

These past two weeks been an extremely challenging because someone very close to me has been hospitalized. During times of stress, and anxiety, and honestly fear of the unknown… look to friends and family to encourage you and keep your head focused on the positive. The funny thing is, that those I considered close, haven’t been there at all. And I cant help but think, how much different my response would have been if it were them going through the same situation.

What I’ve learned through this, is that you cant force people to love you, or to be a good friend to you. You can only accept what they give you, and take it as face value for what it is. And you absolutely, CANNOT be bitter that they arent the great friend you’d hoped, and expected them to be.

Before me are 2 choices, be bitter about the fact that this proves we arent as close as I always believed. Or accept what you give and move on. I appreciate and value those around me that have come alongside to help and love and support, and those that dont just dont. No grudges held,  no bitterness, not focusing on the negative. But instead focusing on the light, on those that have come to help and to listen. Refusing to let anything make me bitter or angry, or to steal my joy.

Does it hurt. Absolutely. But will I live in that hurt….Absolutely not.


What are your thoughts?

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