Tyrant Kings

“Yeah I’m feeling like a vagrant…lost in a world where no one thinks that we can make it……
Yeah I’m feeling like a vagrant in my own town. I’m like an awkward conversation.”-NEEDTOBREATHE

Ever have one of those moments where you realize that those around you don’t trust in you or believe that you can do the things that God has called you to do. Well I have…..today. I kind of already knew it but today I REALLY realized it. It’s sad, but I guess thats just the truth of the matter.

So what do you do…?

Do you shrink back and become the “Krystal” that they think you are? Do you retreat and begin to rely on their insight, their wisdom, their supposed direction for your life.

No. You stand. Hold your ground. And continue to walk according to the path God has laid before you. And most importantly, you cling with all your being to the truth that God will always and forever be your only and ultimate source. Hold dearly to that.

“I ain’t gon stop until I do.” -NEEDTOBREATHE


What are your thoughts?

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