We Hold the Keys…

Hey guys,

So sorry that I haven’t written anything in a while. I think I mentioned that I thought me not writing could possibly be tied to how I’m feeling, and now i can see that,that is true. Since this blog is something that is open and shared, its easier for me just to not write when things aren’t going to well, or when I’ve got LOTS on my mind. But I’m reminded again of the purpose of this blog which is to chronicle my journey this year. And it wouldn’t be an honest or authentic journal if I only wrote when things are going well.

Anyways, I’ve been pondering so many things lately. I’ve been praying about MANY things….Should I move, should I switch jobs, what path should I follow, etc. And through my inquiries to God I’ve been getting many dreams that have all given me signs of what I need to do. And honestly…….the answer isn’t really exactly what I wanted to hear. But I suppose that’s part of the journey.

So because there are so many options before me I’ve been praying for god to narrow my path and a dream I had last Thursday (3.15.12) was a sign not to chase bands, not to chase the fame, celebrity-ism, or the long time dream I’ve held within my heart of being a famous singer. Because its a monster,it will grab you and pull you in, and honestly maybe I’m not strong enough to withstand the pressures of the music industry. Definitely not strong enough to do it alone. And the thing in the dream was that my Pastor was telling me not to pursue them because they would pull me in then destroy me and I was in complete denial!! Then I went out to look for my ride and it turns out that I was the driver of the bus I was waiting on. I had the keys. And what I got from that is that I have the keys as far as my future and what direction god will take me in. I have to take action, I have to actually get in the car and drive or go where I need to go.

Then later that night it just so happens that I have my infamous dream with the house of many rooms, which happens to look EXACTLY like the new His Caring Place house that was just built (http://www.hiscaringplace.org). Now this is a house that has been in my dreams repeatedly for MANY years. I never knew what or where it was, or if it was even real for that matter. But in December when I went to this brand new home, it struck my in my mind of the house that I’ve seen sooo many times, over sooo many years in my dreams. And now that I know this what will I do.????

Will I wait for god to push me and tell me to go over there or will I take the initiative with the knowledge that he’s given me and go find out what it is abut my destiny, future, and purpose that connects with that house.

When I first saw the house in the flesh, I used it as a sign to tell me that I’m on the right path, that I’m doing the right thing. But now that I am in a season of soooo much inquiry before the lord, I see that there are clues all around us in life. And its up to us to seek them, go after them, and finds god purpose through them.

“It is the glory of God to hide a matter, and the glory of Kings to seek it out” Proverbs 25:2

And so I seek…Orlando is out for now. Going there would just be going to pursue the childhood dream or (the band) from the dream. Fulfilling purpose and destiny is here .


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  1. Tawia Tsekumah says:

    A house in a dream means care and protection. And if it’s music you want do… go for it sister. The monster can consume you only if you forget your past.

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