Needtobreathe Concert-House of Blues Orlando



I loved everything about it! Beyond the event. Beyond the actual concert I loved just experiencing it. I used to say ALOT that God gives the best gifts because he gives us the things we ask tor PLUS the things we didn’t ask for, and that’s how I feel about this band and this weekend.

Their music speaks to me and is the soundtrack of my life currently. Who would’ve thought that in addition to God leading me onto personal freedom, that he would provide me music to encourage and spur me on in the journey.

Thank you Lord.

So my passion and love for this group is not about meeting the band. (That’s really a side note to myself). If the band never knows me or knows my name that’s okay. Because what really matters is that I take the truth in their lyrics and be encouraged to go through my storms and write my own song in the process.

Adventure. Life. Its all before you… it. Dont wait for something bigger, love what you’ve got.

NEEDTOBREATHE @House of Blues Orlando
February 27, 2012
A night to remember


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  1. Whoever took that picture – AMAZING! Happy you went on the trip. Grab a hold of your freedom in Christ!!

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