In my church home we are talking about something called resolution. We are discussing how as we move closer to God more things come into resolution, or are resolved. Meaning as we move closer to God, the less issues we have of “why did this happen when I was younger” etc. I have to admit that initially when I first heard this I thought that resolution meant that I would understand those events, or that something would happen so that I could close certain chapters and events in my life. But what I’m discovering is that resolution in my life is actually coming by me surrendering those things (actually everything) in my life to deferring to the position God wants me to have. For example…..

My Question: god, why did my father leave me when I was little. What is it about me that is so unloveable and unbearable that he didn’t want to stick around. Why did he set the astern. That so many other people that I’ve loved I my life have followed.

Gods Answer: Let it Go. Surrender that pain to me. Trust ME with your heart.

That has been the constant pattern and trend of things in my life lately, and of my interaction with God. It seems that with each situation I take to him, his response is “Krystal surrender that to me, and instead of feeling this way (angry, sad, depressed, etc.) I want you to feel this way. God is taking my old and giving me new. And now my response has to be to agree with Him. To feel how he tells me to feel to see things the way he tells me to see them.

I surrender.


What are your thoughts?

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