Dont Look Back……….

Its been awhile since I have written. I think that is primarily because I’ve gotten caught up with the business of life. Its funny…..I think its gonna be a sure sign that I’ve checked out of my process and that I’m not diligently considering the things I should be, when I stop writing. There are so many processes and so many thoughts I have throughout my day, that I “could” document but dont.For instance, I’m again seeing that changing your mindset is not something that happens easily. It takes constant reminding myself that, that old mindset is not valid. I will not complain. I will not be bound in my mind to the opinions of others. I will do the things that God has placed in my heart, etc. Life makes it very easy to get caught up, become distracted, and before you know it…..time has passed and you havent really accomplished anything. Easy (being lazy) definetly isnt always good.SO what are the things that I know I need to stay on top of in order to really and truly engage in this process.
1. Read my book (Life Without Limits by Nic Vujicic)
2. Implement, organize, and have the jam session thats been on my heart
3. Hold on to the progress that I’ve made in my mind and heart
4. Pray and listen without ceasing

Dont forget your mission here Krystal. The purpose of this blog isnt just to be a journal. It’s to track a journey towards freedom. There is no blog if there is no journey. Keep moving. Dont look back.


What are your thoughts?

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