If you cant get a miracle…Become One…

If you cant get a miracle….Become one – Nic Vujicic “Life Without Limits”

True words that I only understood just now as I was walking through my home praying for myself and the girls that live here. It was while praying that I realized that I have always longed for those close friends that loves you unconditionally, believes in your dreams, encourages your dreams, and family that truly believes anything is possible. If correction is needed then correction can be given because you know that at the end of the day….they love you. I have always longed for that. And truth be told I love people, I like to be around them and I like to make other people comfortable. These are the things I longed for growing up, close friends, loving family, and confidantes who believed in me. And now at 28 I’m realizing, that my path was different, I didnt live the life of my dreams, but now God has brought me to a place where I can be for others, what I always wanted for myself. I didnt get my dream life, my miracle, but I can become someone elses miracle. I can be the one who believes in the dreams of the girls I minister to. I can be their confidante, friend, and family. I can be that, even though I didnt get it for myself. I love that. It really takes your eyes off of you and projects it onto other people.

That mentality also shows the fact that I have something to offer. As do we all. As  Nic also said in his book  that “We are perfectly crafted to be everything that we were meant to be”. Meaning that God didnt make a mistake when he made me. Everything that is needed for me to fulfill his purpose for my life is already on the inside of me. It’s my responsibility now to search that thing out; to give the life of God on the inside of me expression. Its my job to adventure out and take risks, and truly explore the things God has placed on the inside of me. As Scott Webster said to my church community months ago, “Theres nothing wrong with journeying, its giving up that the problem.”

So I really am coming to a place where I love living. I get to explore the things God has put inside of me, and I’m optimistic about what I’ll find, and what He’dd make of me.

I Love that! I love that! I love that and I love the Lord.

Peace and Blessings people….Journey Well 🙂



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