So humbled…….

Relationships. Life….change are all funny things. Their interesting to go through because through them you learn so much about yourself, and about others. Change is happening on my life to day, and on the brink of it I’m humbled by seeing how miserable and judgemental I’ve been these past few months.; I’m humbled because for months I held myself on a pedestal and now looking back Im seeing my self-righteousness and pride. Why is it so easy to see others faults. So easy to be unforgiving. So easy to justify my unforgiveness and coldness. So easy to be proud. I’m seeing my gracelessness, and I’m hoping that I will do better by God in the future. I’m praying I will be full of Him, instead of full of myself.

“Taking on the form of a servant he made of himself no reputation”

So humbled right now.



What are your thoughts?

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