Week in Review (Jan 24-Jan 30)

“Aren’t we all just at least worth another try” – Needtobreathe “Let Us Love”
I think I’ve forgotten that this is a “journey” and that one of the biggest things about this journey is that I will HAVE to change. I’m looking back over the past few weeks and I’m realizing that I really haven’t changed. God has spoken different things to me, and he’s bringing me all this knowledge, but I guess with the knowledge I am kind of expecting things to “just happen” I’m expecting to stop having feelings of sadness and loneliness. I’m expecting to just come to a place where I just automatically feel and KNOW my self worth. I’m forgetting that this is a process, and that change will only happen when I start to apply the things I’ve learned, and when I make a DELIBERATE effort to do things differently, and to see things differently. And this is sooooo much easier said than done.
Doing things differently means that I will deliberately not feed in to the thoughts that I have no place, and that I don’t fit anywhere. I’ll reject those thoughts and remember the truth which is that I am who complete and whole in Christ, and that he loves me just as I am. There’s nothing else to strive to, I don’t have to be anyone else to please Him or to please people.
Rejecting those thoughts and instead believing Gods truth about me is going to be difficult because as I’ve said before, sometimes the lies seem so true, and they speak way louder than the truth at times.
So in reviewing my week, I’m seeing that is the area where I’m falling short. It’s not enough to just know, I need to apply. I need to deliberately change. I need to come out of my comfort zone and be courageous enough to believe the good things about me that God has to say. I NEED to let go of my hurts, and embrace the fact its okay if I never get validation, recognition, for the hurt that I’ve suffered. I NEED to allow myself to become vulnerable. I need to be free enough to allow myself the possibility of getting hurt. I need to believe in myself. It’s a courageous move for me. It’s scary, but THAT is what I’ll be writing about in upcoming weeks. Changing…applying…becoming…taking risks.


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  1. itssrijana says:

    risk .hurt ..tears n eventually smile dats real LIFE

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