Random Post :)

I need to start writing more frequently. I can’t do a “week in review” post if I haven’t posted anything all week. And besides writing really helps me to process and remember the many thoughts that are swarming through my head each day. Like today for instance……I was about to start complaining when a random act of kindness from a friend of mine reminded me that I really do have great friends and great people in my life. Even if they are far away, I’ve still got them, and it’s the small things people do that can make you feel so wonderful, so loved.  All I can do is smile.
Coming into a different perspective really is hard work. So many times each day I get sucked into that “Woe is me” mentality, but then at the back of my head there’s that little voice saying “remember you said no complaining. Force yourself to see the bright side” So I hear that voice, but then many times I still choose to be sad about the things weighing me down. The sadness seems so much more real, it makes more sense to be sad, and I admit it has sort of become a safety blanket for me after so many years. It’s like a snuggly blanket I put on to get me through the day. (I know that’s sad but its true)
Anyways, So I’ve found that choosing to not complain…CHOOSING to see the good in each situation instead of the bad takes conscious, deliberate effort. And I’ve been failing at I left and right but I’m not gonna give up.
“We fall down, but we get up”

You are loved.



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