The problem with sacrifice is that when your going through a time where you have to sacrifice something… think you are going to DIE.


I am doing this Master Cleanse and today is my 5th day. Yesterday I was SOOOO hungry, that I was VERY tempted to break the cleanse by eating a huge meal. Pizza, a burger, fries, but the thing that struck me was how much I was convinced in my mind, that I was going through the WORST. THING. EVER.

That spoke to me ALOT. Because now that I’ve gotten over that phase. I realize that I didnt die. Im seeing that sometimes my body, and my mind, may make things out to be a lot bigger than they really are. In my mind I thought I’d die, that I wouldnt be able to get through this. But now that I did, I feel so great.

And Im realizing that it’s like the veil is being pulled from my eyes for other things as well. For instance (now Im gonna get a bit personal here) even the strong feelings of love, desire, and passion, that I think Im feeling for a certain young man, Im realizing now, that those “feelings” may not even be true. As passionate and as strong as they are, as much as I feel liek I’ve GOT to give in to satisfy the urge. Im seeing now that the urge may just be the enemy. Its lust. And that is not of God. I CAN resist that urge. I have the power to do that in myself, because I see now, that the urge is a lie.

No wonder God says “Resist the Devil and he will flee from you”

Im not resisting out of this strength that I have. I resisting now out of knowing the truth. That everything the enemy brings to my face is a lie.

I can complete this Master Cleanse. I will not give in to Lust. I can resist. I can be strong.

Thank you Lord


What are your thoughts?

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