Welcome to My Blog.


Hello Everyone and welcome to my blog! Writing just the introduction to this blog has been one of the hardest things to do, only because there’s so much that I want to say and fill you in on. But as usual….things come easiest to me when I just write from my heart. So here goes…..

My name is Krys and I’m a 28 year old girl . I’ve never written a Blog before but I am an AVID journaler, so this blog, will in some ways, be a public diary for me. Just the thought of that is kinda scary, but I suppose its all apart of my process. All apart of the experiment and journey that God has me on this year.

Which leads me to the purpose of this Blog.

I am starting this blog  for 2 reasons,……the first is because I feel very led by Holy Spirit to do it. The second is because this Blog will chronicle my journey into personal freedom through 2012.

See for all of my life I’ve been one of those girls that’s never really accomplished anything because she was too afraid to try…….everything. I have this deep seated, built in, nearly unshakeable belief that “I’m not good enough“, or “I’m not worthy”, or “Why try, I’ll only fail“. 

This concept has plagued me for years, and although God has taken me through minor victories in overcoming this since 2007, there’s still a huge chunk of unworthiness left in my heart. So I’m starting this blog because I feel that this is the year to throw a massive blow to each and every type of bondage that is on my life. This is definitely not something I can do on my own, its only going to be accomplished by trusting God and allowing Him to lead me. This is what partnership with the Lord is all about. HE desires me to come into freedom more than I could even imagine, and He is the one that placed the desire to start this blog in my heart. So here I am….chronicling what I am sure is going to be an interesting journey. And my prayer is that through my struggles, through my pain, through my journey, that others would come to find freedom as well.

So…….that’s is it for my introduction. I don’t know what this year holds for me, but I  can promise to chronicle and to process through it all here.

Yearning for Freedom,


“LET YOUR LIGHT so shine among men that they will see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven” Matthew 5:16


What are your thoughts?

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