No Complaining, No Looking Back.


So since there is this huge desire to REALLY be free and completely come into the person God created me to be, I know that I have to put some things in place. Nothing JUST happens. And I’ve been living in this internal prison so long that I know fear and condemnation don’t just go away on their own. I have to take initiative and I have to put some things in place. So the first order of business this year…..Changing my mindset. And changing my attitude for that matter. Just….. Change 🙂

There are 2 major changes will be making as far as my attitude and my mind this right now. The first is “No Complaining” and the second is “No Looking Back”

The “No Complaining” stems from the fact that I need to stop focusing on what I dont have (wah I’m still single, wah my job is so boring) and focus on what I DO have. I will stop focusing on the negative in my life., and focus on the good. This will be quite a jump for me because Im so used to looking at what i dont have, but that what this whole process is about…Change. I cant stay the same and expect different results. So from now on, I look past the negative, and move towards the things that bring me life. Here are some personal notes I took on complaining…….

Gods views on complaining; (complain: to express dissatisfaction, pain, uneasiness, censure, resentment, or grief; find fault: to tell of one’s pains; to make a formal accusation)

  1.  Complaining is Soulish  (Job 7:11, Job 10:1)
  2. Angers God  (Numbers 11:1, 11:10, 11:33) Everything that God has given me, he’s given it by his grace, He didnt HAVE to give me anything. Dont be like the selfish Israelites who complained about always eating manna. 
  3. To complain is to treat God with contempt: to regard to vile, worthless, to despise. (Num 14:23) 
    To complain is rooted in pride (Isiah 29:24, John 6:61)

  5. Complaining is not acceptable (Phil 2:14)

B. No Looking Back
Looking back is normally good because it causes you to remember where you came from, but for me I have a tendency of looking back at the past and nit-picking at all the mistakes that I’ve made. My focus then becomes trying not to make those same mistakes, but this year has been so different. This year God is saying the details of what you did wrong dont matter. Dont focus on them. Focus on the principles that I was trying to teach you, and pull those forward with you through life. So…here I wanted to post (as a reminder for myself) some of the principles that God taught me lst year. I want to write them here so that I remember his truth, as I carry them forward. 

  1. I ‘ve learned that I don’t have to have all the answers, I just have to play my part because after all, if not me then who.
  2. I learned that if god has called me to do something then I need to give my full and best effort.
  3. I learned that I am loved and good just as I am. No putting on, no covering up, no fig leaves. God loves me just as I am
  4. No matter what happens never stop pursuing him, and building a relationship with Him. 
So these are the things I’m carrying forward with me through life. No complaining, and not looking back. Wish me luck

What are your thoughts?

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