Life without Limits

Sooooo….Im reading this book “Life without Limits” by Nick Vujicic, and in it he points out that everyone has a knack, a gift, or talent, something that gives us pleasure. And he says that, our path to happiness normally lies within that gift.

And in reading that I started to think about myself and the things Im good at and enjoy. And for the LONGEST time theres been this desire on my heart to find a laid place, really cool, coffee shop type place where I can come together with other people just to sing, just to worship God. And I thinking……since I cant find a place like that down here, why not create one?

And thinking about that has gotten me so excited. Having people over for some type of acoustic, worship, jam session combines all of the things I LOVE. Music, hospitality, service to others. I LOVE stuff like that and to create that type of place is kinda exciting for me. Will I go for it. Will I live a life without limits. Will I take the chance, Step out and create the thing Im looking for but cant find!

Maybe…its a work in progress, but Im planning for it now. I would absolutely LOVE something like this!


What are your thoughts?

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